Special issues

Aeolus data and their application (AMT/ACP/WCD inter-journal SI), 2020
Eds. Ad Stoffelen, Peter Knippertz, Ulla Wandinger, Anne Grete Straume-Lindner, and Oliver Reitebuch
Past and future European atmospheric extreme events under climate change (NHESS/ASCMO/WCD inter-journal SI), 2022
Eds. WCD co-editors | Coordinators: Christian M. Grams and Erich Fischer | Co-organizer: Christoph Kottmeier
The SPARC Reanalysis Intercomparison Project (S-RIP) Phase 2 (ACP/WCD inter-journal SI), 2023
Eds. WCD co-editors | Coordinators: Daniela Domeisen and Thomas Birner | Co-organizer: Gloria Manney, Jonathon Wright, and Masatomo Fujiwara
CC BY 4.0