Articles | Volume 3, issue 4
Research article
19 Oct 2022
Research article |  | 19 Oct 2022

Recurrent Rossby waves and south-eastern Australian heatwaves

S. Mubashshir Ali, Matthias Röthlisberger, Tess Parker, Kai Kornhuber, and Olivia Martius

Model code and software

avatar101/R-metric M. Ali

TM2D M. Rohrer

Short summary
Persistent weather can lead to extreme weather conditions. One such atmospheric flow pattern, termed recurrent Rossby wave packets (RRWPs), has been shown to increase persistent weather in the Northern Hemisphere. Here, we show that RRWPs are also an important feature in the Southern Hemisphere. We evaluate the role of RRWPs during south-eastern Australian heatwaves and find that they help to persist the heatwaves by forming upper-level high-pressure systems over south-eastern Australia.