Articles | Volume 4, issue 2
Research article
15 May 2023
Research article |  | 15 May 2023

Model-simulated hydroclimate in the East Asian summer monsoon region during past and future climate: a pilot study with a moisture source perspective

Astrid Fremme, Paul J. Hezel, Øyvind Seland, and Harald Sodemann

Data sets

CCSM4/CESM Model Output I. Stern

Calculated moisture sources for the Yangtse River Valley for past, present and future climate using a Lagrangian moisture source diagnostic (v1.0) H. Sodemann and A. Fremme

Model code and software

The offline Lagrangian particle model FLEXPART–NorESM/CAM (v1): model description and comparisons with the online NorESM transport scheme and with the reference FLEXPART model ( M. Cassiani, A. Stohl, D. Olivié, Ø. Seland, I. Bethke, I. Pisso, and T. Iversen

Short summary
We study the atmospheric moisture transport into eastern China for past, present, and future climate. Hence, we use different climate and weather prediction model data with a moisture source identification method. We find that while the moisture to first order originates mostly from similar regions, smaller changes consistently point to differences in the recycling of precipitation over land between different climates. Some differences are larger between models than between different climates.