Articles | Volume 5, issue 1
Research article
19 Jan 2024
Research article |  | 19 Jan 2024

Warm conveyor belt activity over the Pacific: modulation by the Madden–Julian Oscillation and impact on tropical–extratropical teleconnections

Julian F. Quinting, Christian M. Grams, Edmund Kar-Man Chang, Stephan Pfahl, and Heini Wernli

Data sets

ERA-Interim global atmospheric reanalysis D. P. Dee et al.

Madden-Julian Oscillation monitoring Bureau of Meteorology

Ocean Nino Index, ascii text (1950-present), based on ERSSTv5 NOAA/PSL

Model code and software

EuLerian Identification of ascending AirStreams (ELIAS 2.0) in Numerical Weather Prediction and Climate Models J. F. Quinting and C. M. Grams

Short summary
Research in the last few decades has revealed that rapidly ascending airstreams in extratropical cyclones have an important effect on the evolution of downstream weather and predictability. In this study, we show that the occurrence of these airstreams over the North Pacific is modulated by tropical convection. Depending on the modulation, known atmospheric circulation patterns evolve quite differently, which may affect extended-range predictions in the Atlantic–European region.