Articles | Volume 2, issue 4
Weather Clim. Dynam., 2, 1011–1031, 2021
Weather Clim. Dynam., 2, 1011–1031, 2021

Research article 29 Oct 2021

Research article | 29 Oct 2021

The impact of deep convection representation in a global atmospheric model on the warm conveyor belt and jet stream during NAWDEX IOP6

Gwendal Rivière et al.

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Storm track response to uniform global warming downstream of an idealized sea surface temperature front
Sebastian Schemm, Lukas Papritz, and Gwendal Rivière
Weather Clim. Dynam. Discuss.,,, 2022
Preprint under review for WCD
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Diabatic processes modulating the vertical structure of the jet stream above the cold front of an extratropical cyclone: sensitivity to deep convection schemes
Meryl Wimmer, Gwendal Rivière, Philippe Arbogast, Jean-Marcel Piriou, Julien Delanoë, Carole Labadie, Quitterie Cazenave, and Jacques Pelon
Weather Clim. Dynam. Discuss.,,, 2021
Preprint under review for WCD
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Representation by two climate models of the dynamical and diabatic processes involved in the development of an explosively deepening cyclone during NAWDEX
David L. A. Flack, Gwendal Rivière, Ionela Musat, Romain Roehrig, Sandrine Bony, Julien Delanoë, Quitterie Cazenave, and Jacques Pelon
Weather Clim. Dynam., 2, 233–253,,, 2021
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Dynamical processes in midlatitudes
Multi-day hail clusters and isolated hail days in Switzerland – large-scale flow conditions and precursors
Hélène Barras, Olivia Martius, Luca Nisi, Katharina Schroeer, Alessandro Hering, and Urs Germann
Weather Clim. Dynam., 2, 1167–1185,,, 2021
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Characteristics of extratropical cyclones and precursors to windstorms in northern Europe
Terhi K. Laurila, Hilppa Gregow, Joona Cornér, and Victoria A. Sinclair
Weather Clim. Dynam., 2, 1111–1130,,, 2021
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Systematic assessment of the diabatic processes that modify low-level potential vorticity in extratropical cyclones
Roman Attinger, Elisa Spreitzer, Maxi Boettcher, Heini Wernli, and Hanna Joos
Weather Clim. Dynam., 2, 1073–1091,,, 2021
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A global analysis of the dry-dynamic forcing during cyclone growth and propagation
Philippe Besson, Luise J. Fischer, Sebastian Schemm, and Michael Sprenger
Weather Clim. Dynam., 2, 991–1009,,, 2021
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Smoother versus sharper Gulf Stream and Kuroshio sea surface temperature fronts: effects on cyclones and climatology
Leonidas Tsopouridis, Thomas Spengler, and Clemens Spensberger
Weather Clim. Dynam., 2, 953–970,,, 2021
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Inacurracies in representing processes occurring at spatial scales smaller than the grid scales of the weather forecast models are important sources of forecast errors. This is the case of deep convection representation in models with 10 km grid spacing. We performed simulations of a real extratropical cyclone using a model with different representations of deep convection. These forecasts lead to different behaviors in the ascending air masses of the cyclone and the jet stream aloft.