Articles | Volume 1, issue 2
Weather Clim. Dynam., 1, 481–495, 2020
Weather Clim. Dynam., 1, 481–495, 2020

Research article 29 Sep 2020

Research article | 29 Sep 2020

On the intermittency of orographic gravity wave hotspots and its importance for middle atmosphere dynamics

Ales Kuchar et al.

Data sets

Accompanying data to <q>On the intermittency of orographic gravity wave hotspots and its importance for middle atmosphere dynamics</q> A. Kuchar

S-RIP: Zonal-mean dynamical variables of global atmospheric reanalyses on pressure levels P. Martineau

CMAM30 Data Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis

Web Interface Subsetter NASA Goddard Earth Sciences (GES) Data and Information Services Center (DISC)

Japanese 55-year Reanalysis project Japan Meteorological Agency

GRACILE: A comprehensive climatology of atmospheric gravity wave parameters based on satellite limb soundings, link to data in NetCDF format M. Ern, Q. T. Trinh, P. Preusse, J. C. Gille, M. G. Mlynczak, J. M. Russell III, and M. Riese

Model code and software

kuchaale/wcd_2020: Third release of my WCD code repository A. Kuchar

mjucker/aostools: aostools v2.1.5 M. Jucker

Cartopy: a cartographic python library with a matplotlib interface Met Office

detecta: A Python module to detect events in data M. Duarte

seaborn: v0.7.1 (June 2016) M. Waskom, O. Botvinnik, Drewokane, P. Hobson, Y. David, Halchenko, S. Lukauskas, J. B. Cole, J. Warmenhoven, J. de Ruiter, S. Hoyer, J. Vanderplas, S. Villalba, G. Kunter, E. Quintero, M. Martin, A. Miles, K. Meyer, T. Augspurger, T. Yarkoni, P. Bachant, M. Williams, C. Evans, C. Fitzgerald, Brian, D. Wehner, G. Hitz, E. Ziegler, A. Qalieh, and A. Lee

xarray: v0.8.0 S. Hoyer, C. Fitzgerald, J. Hamman, Akleeman, T. Kluyver, M. Roos, J. J. Helmus, Markel, P. Cable, F. Maussion, A. Miles, T. Kanmae, P. Wolfram, S. Sinclair, B. Bovy, Ebrevdo, R. Guedes, R. Abernathey, Filipe, S. Hill, N. Richards, A. Lee, N. Koldunov, M. Graham, Maciekswat, J. Gerard, I. Babuschkin, C. Deil, E. Welch, and A. Hilboll

Ouranosinc/xclim: v0.15.0 D. Huard, T. J. Smith, T. Logan, P. Bourgault, Sbiner, D. Caron, P. Roy, Jwenfai, G. Rondeau, C. Whelan, and A. Stephens

Short summary
Our study focuses on the impact of topographic structures such as the Himalayas and Rocky Mountains, so-called orographic gravity-wave hotspots. These hotspots play an important role in the dynamics of the middle atmosphere, in particular in the lower stratosphere. We study intermittency and zonally asymmetric character of these hotspots and their effects on the upper stratosphere and mesosphere using a new detection method in various modeling and observational datasets.