Articles | Volume 5, issue 2
Research article
19 Apr 2024
Research article |  | 19 Apr 2024

Warm conveyor belt characteristics and impacts along the life cycle of extratropical cyclones: case studies and climatological analysis based on ERA5

Katharina Heitmann, Michael Sprenger, Hanin Binder, Heini Wernli, and Hanna Joos

Data sets

ERA5 hourly data on single levels from 1940 to present Copernicus Climate Change Service

Short summary
Warm conveyor belts (WCBs) are coherently ascending air streams that occur in extratropical cyclones where they form precipitation and often affect the large-scale flow. We quantified the key characteristics and impacts of WCBs and linked them to different phases in the cyclone life cycle and to different WCB branches. A climatology of these metrics revealed that WCBs are most intense during cyclone intensification and that the cyclonic and anticyclonic WCB branches show distinct differences.