Articles | Volume 3, issue 2
Weather Clim. Dynam., 3, 449–469, 2022
Weather Clim. Dynam., 3, 449–469, 2022
Research article
08 Apr 2022
Research article | 08 Apr 2022

Circumglobal Rossby wave patterns during boreal winter highlighted by space–time spectral analysis

Jacopo Riboldi et al.

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How intense daily precipitation depends on temperature and the occurrence of specific weather systems – an investigation with ERA5 reanalyses in the extratropical Northern Hemisphere
Philipp Zschenderlein and Heini Wernli
Weather Clim. Dynam., 3, 391–411,,, 2022
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Differentiating lightning in winter and summer with characteristics of the wind field and mass field
Deborah Morgenstern, Isabell Stucke, Thorsten Simon, Georg J. Mayr, and Achim Zeileis
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Atmospheric blocking and weather extremes over the Euro-Atlantic sector – a review
Lisa-Ann Kautz, Olivia Martius, Stephan Pfahl, Joaquim G. Pinto, Alexandre M. Ramos, Pedro M. Sousa, and Tim Woollings
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Is it north or west foehn? A Lagrangian analysis of Penetration and Interruption of Alpine Foehn intensive observation period 1 (PIANO IOP 1)
Manuel Saigger and Alexander Gohm
Weather Clim. Dynam., 3, 279–303,,, 2022
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A revisited space and time spectral decomposition allows us to determine which harmonics dominate the upper-tropospheric flow evolution over a given time period as well as their propagation. This approach is used to identify Rossby wave patterns with a circumglobal extent, affecting weather evolution over different Northern Hemisphere regions. The results cast light on the processes originating and supporting these wave patterns, advocating at the same time for the usefulness of the technique.