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02 Apr 2020
Research article |  | 02 Apr 2020

Waveguidability of idealized midlatitude jets and the limitations of ray tracing theory

Volkmar Wirth

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Franziska Teubler, Michael Riemer, Christopher Polster, Christian M. Grams, Seraphine Hauser, and Volkmar Wirth
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A linear assessment of waveguidability for barotropic Rossby waves in different large-scale flow configurations
Antonio Segalini, Jacopo Riboldi, Volkmar Wirth, and Gabriele Messori
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The tropopause inversion layer in baroclinic life-cycle experiments: the role of diabatic processes
D. Kunkel, P. Hoor, and V. Wirth
Atmos. Chem. Phys., 16, 541–560,,, 2016
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This paper investigates the waveguidability of midlatitude jets, i.e., their ability to duct Rossby waves in the zonal direction. Waveguidability is quantified in the framework of an idealized numerical model and compared with the predictions from two complementary theoretical concepts. It is found that the concept of ray tracing, which has been used extensively in the past, does not provide a satisfactory explanation for the numerical results. Further analysis uncovers the underlying reasons.